Welcome to Jupiter Tire Group.

Jupiter Tire is a dynamic company designed to meet tire needs on a global scale. Our company is divided between two strategic locations, Qingdao Jupiter Tire Co. Ltd., the corporate headquarters, located in Qingdao, China and Jupiter Tire Group Inc. located in Southern California, USA.

Both companies are comprised of tire industry professionals with many years of import and export experience. We offer several brands of TBR, PCR, STR and OTR tires from different countries in Asia including China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

Qingdao Jupiter Tire Co. Ltd. receives orders and maintains a pipeline to countries all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

Jupiter Tire Group Inc. maintains a warehouse in Southern California focusing on direct container sales to wholesalers and distributors across the United States.

Jupiter Tire has delivered hundreds of containers for several years with annual exponential growth in the millions of dollars.

At Jupiter Tire we strive to provide the best service experience in the industry. From assisting customers in determining their tire needs, to building their container, to keeping them abreast of the status of their delivery. We are always available for questions or concerns.

Please consider Qingdao Jupiter Tire Co. Ltd and Jupiter Tire Group Inc when preparing your next tire purchase.

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